I'm not a designer. At all. What image editor would you recommend? More below👇🏻

Pablo Fernandez
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I want to make very simple modifications to existing images; add a few lines here and there, or perhaps change some colors or very basic stuff like that. What product would you recommend? Ideally something not-too-expensive and that works with MacOS. In the past I've used Inkscape but I'm hoping there's something simpler to use? I know some people use canva.com, is this tool worth exploring for my use case? Thanks!


Ivan Manchev
Canva is okay for someone who is not experienced. It has all the basic stuff you'll need. Otherwise, good old Photoshop can do everything with a little bit of learning
Andreea Balasa
Canva could definitely be a start. I wouldn't recommend Photoshop if you've used Inkscape and find it not so easy to use. Cost wise, Canva's free version is more than enough to create something interesting. You could try Sketch, but it would take more time to get used to compared to Canva. Plus, it's more expensive.
Shraddha Srivastava
You can try Canva as it suffices most of the basic needs. For free images you can try out undraw.co and vecteezy where you can get nice free svgs and pngs. If you wish to edit SVGs, you can try Adobe Illustrator which is pretty simple to use. I have created images with Canva for our PH launch https://www.producthunt.com/post...
For a beginner, choosing a simple and convenient tool is the most important. Here, I recommend our product Vance AI (https://vanceai.com/), an AI-powered online photo enhancer. Includes a variety of image enhancer and editing tools to help you improve images with one click. You can try it out and I hope you will like it.