How important is blogging for your business?

Danyub Mustefa
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Harri Arain
Blogging has been very good for us our most leads we get are from our page. So it is safe to say that blogging has been an absolute treat for us.
Danyub Mustefa
@harri_stapp How much does it cost to maintain?
Đá Mỹ Nghệ Thăng Long
Blogging helps find potential customers for your business. This is our blog page
Danyub Mustefa
@damynghethanglong How much is it costing you every month to maintain the blog, if you don't mind me asking?
Matthew Johnson
I'd say content more generally is super important for us. Blogs are a major part of that, but so is participating in forums/communities and sharing ideas and insights in those.
Patrick Burns
@mattcrail agree. I've experimented with 'blog posts' on LinkedIn or Medium and they're often not as impactful as just posts. Depends on your audience and where they are
Danyub Mustefa
@mattcrail @pattyjburns Patrick, problem with Medium and Pulse is, there are no call-to-action for you grab your readers. They usually just reads the blog and moves on.
Mesin UMA
very important for marketing our product
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