POLL: How do you manage credentials ? What tool do you use ?

Kaloyan Dobrev
3 replies
Hello makers, I was wondering which tool are you using for your secrets (password, ssh keys, credit cards, etc.) ? There are a lot out there, some store them locally on device , some use their own servers, others use third-party storage systems, etc. Disclaimer: I am one of the makers of Drive Password that we launch today on Product Hunt.


Pranoy Sarkar
I use keypass, I like it because I don't want to trust any third party but I have to manage all thing mainly handling the encrypted file, for that I keep the file in google drive and sync form both my mobile and pc
Kaloyan Dobrev
@prnysarkar The same reason for managing the encrypted file was our problem with my team, so we decide to create Drive Password. The encryption happens on the device ( or in the browser ) and then the encrypted file is send directly to your Google Drive ( the file don't go through our servers, but directly with Google API ) and we don't store the file on our system. The user is in control of the encrypted file. Here you can find more about the process: https://drivepassword.com/