What would be your biggest bit of advice for marketing a new product to a small market?

Helen Hoile
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simply this: work hard at finding the salient thing to say to that market, because no matter how well or how often you say the wrong thing, it's still wrong
Helen Hoile
@creativeoutsource Knowing our clients... so hard because we think we have 3 types of ideal client... What would you advise in this instance? Thank you :)
Zachary Green
know ur audience like the front of ur pinky toe
Helen Hoile
@zachary_green2 haha! Love it! Yes, we're working on it... Trying to find the right tone of voice is so hard!
Darko Williams
If by small you mean the # of companies/people is small, then they likely don't gather anywhere (like on a FB group/sub-reddit, etc.) and are dispersed, meaning you'll have to do sales (cold email/calls/go in person) in order to reach them. At least that's been my experience.
Jeremy Mendoza
Hang out where your potential customers hang out. Gain a following by being a free resource to them by educating them through blogs, web events, etc. Once you are established as a credible resource, or better yet a thought leader, they will come to you.
Stephane Ibos
If the market is 'small' (not too much I hope, you need an actual market), then I would start by identifying influencers in this market and try to reach out to them. Your product is never better sold than by someone else. Get influencers to acknowledge your product, you and your brand and you will gain in visibility and penetration.