Have you ever used shared hosting during your launch on PH or anywhere? what was your experience?

Jaga Deep
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Hi guys! I just wanna know if it is a good idea to have our website hosted in a shared hosting during the launch of our product on communities like PH (where there could be a possible sudden bump in traffic). Have you ever done that and was it able to handle the bump in traffic? or do you have any better suggestion? :)


James Skarzynski
Shared hosting is generally not going to be able to handle any traffic if you have a successful launch. At the very least, you should be using a managed VPS. Personally, I'd recommend either AWS or Digital Ocean so that you can easily scale based on traffic.
Mr Ethar Alali
You certainly can use it! However, if you have a major launch, you absolutely MUST engineer for it and use various tools like CDNs to pull load away from the server for static content especially! Get it wrong, and it'll be a major disaster!
Darko Williams
If you know HTML & CSS, go with static. Host it on Netlify (they provide very decent free static hosting). Add CloudFlare on top of it if you want more speed. With static file hosting: a) You reduce the attack surface, so no way for you to get hacked b) Can handle any traffic, it's a static HTML served from a CDN