What do y'all think of Apple presentation today?

Katie Ames
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I've still never bought a smart watch - I don't feel like they are my thing, though the functionality looks impressive. I think I'm going to have to go and download iOS 14... as always, hopefully it doesn't break my app.


Courier API
Impressed with the Apple One Premium package.
The new iPad Air has me reeaallly thinking about getting an iPad now. I also appreciate their focus on wellness the whole Fitness+, more affordable Apple Watch and actionable health metrics *almost* makes me want to switch over to iPhone & Apple products... *almost*
Katie Ames
@gabe__perez Yes, it is a cult, but the products work well together!! I suppose that makes it a well designed cult, ha. But if you switch welcome to the dark side!
@katie_ames haha, I will admit everything is well designed and it's all visually appealing. Might be wielding a red lightsaber soon.