Do developers who want to get feedback also like to give feedback? 🤔

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I want feedback on my product 🚀 I don't just want to ask them to give me feedback one way, I want to give them feedback if they want it too. What do you guys think about giving each other feedback?


Alex Gorman
I think feedback from non-customer/user base like Makers is priceless. To be fair timing could be off. A maker might not have anything for you to give feedback on. But what you are proposing is an excellent Maker app/webpage built feedback reciprocity. With an awards based system where if they have given you feedback you have to give them feedback in return. Would be really useful for early development stage projects. Not sure if it exists. They a similar thing for survey responses. What do you think?
@alex_gorman I honestly don't know if they will give me feedback if I'm giving them feedback. I think there needs to be rules and regulations there. Maybe a systemic constraint will help. I'm going to create a Slack community as a beta version. It's an experiment to determine if the idea of mutual feedback will be practical, or if we need some rules, as we can imagine.
Alex Gorman
@814_kimura86 Keep in touch with me about this because I think you will have something here. I would be interested in your findings.
Rajesh kumar
I was actually trying to find if there is any such tool already available. I think it is really a good idea and will benefit both the makers.
Catherine Chen
Sounds like a great idea! I personally would enjoy being a part of something like that. The system Alex mentioned earlier seems awesome; giving feedback in return for feedback.