I will test any smart marketing content calendar

Anna Stoianova
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Hey Makers! I'm struggling to find handy tool at reasonable price to manage my marketing content across channels. If you develop similar product, drop me a note, I'm ready to be your early adaptor) and will test it and give you my feedback. If you have any suggestions of existing tools, I'd appreciate them too.


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I started putting the list of weekly/monthly threads that appear on different sites like PH, IH, sub-reddits, etc. on my personal calendar. It helps being able to interact with "share your startup" type discussions. But I could not take it further due to lack of time. What would help you as events in such a calendar?
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@sumitdatta I do kinda the same - I use calendar to schedule posts + Excel to collect ideas and track results. But i'm seeking more like a task tracker combined with the calendar. Now I'm testing SEMRush. But I was wondering maybe there are makers on ProductHunt who are busy with solving this my issue)
Veteran failure, engineer, founder
@anna_iievlieva I want to find out tools too. And building this was not a priority for me since I am more sales focused than marketing. There might surely be someone making this, let's see someone raises their hand!
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I use to calender to see my apointment To ather activity
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use calendar for todo dailygram