How can I become a hunter?

Lars Karbo
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Hi! I'm still a bit confused of how ProductHunt works in terms of makers vs hunters. Right now I have a friend launching and it would be the perfect moment to "hunt" him. I don't think he will launch on PH by himself.


I do not understand it myself, entirely. I was assuming a maker is someone, who has built something, that they bring to market. A hunter is someone who is presenting this product for them to the PH community. I assume that this makes sense because not every maker is a socializer and is perhaps lacking audience, so the two roles are complementary. Am I wrong? Just intuition....
So in order to hunt something you simply have to post the product to the community. Again here I don't understand, if everybody can hunt (post) every product, even when the owners of the product don't want this to happen. Because in this case you can screw someones launch campaign by simply hunting their product prematurely.
Deep Sherchan
@timz_flowers This is actually an interesting question which I have been thinking myself. If a maker is planning to launch his/her product and has been working with influencer hunter to start the campaign. But some one else hunts the product? Won't that hurt the maker? Or does that rarely happen in Product Hunt? Or may be maker who is looking to make a proper launch makes the website link live only at the last moment? May be that would be one way.
@deep_sherchan but in order to prepare the launch you would perhaps want to create some preliminary excitement in your community and even build a first community by presenting the product and its beta versions. Also for finding investors a proper landingpage has to be in place for a while. When I read blogs from successful makers they say that eg pricing and a payment gateway has to be in place with the launch already and the product has to work properly - I think it's difficult to prepare all of this in closed circles under the radar. For the product-market-fit you normally have already some hundred returning users and in order to acquire them you need the product in a beta version in place. So I assume there's always a certain inbetween-phase where you did not match the product-market-fit but are already operating your service somehow. There you make qualitative interviews in order to test price acceptance. Only then it makes from my current perspective sense to launch on PH. But that's exactly the vulnerable phase, where the aforementioned issue can occur.
Deep Sherchan
Thanks for the comment @timz_flowers . Yes, I think it is vital for maker to initiate the conversation with the community before the launch itself to generate some excitement and interest in the product. Working closely with hunters also seems a good strategy as mentioned in many blogs. Product market fit is the trickiest of all to nail it down, but ya it certainly has to be the main objective as well.
Maker: Someone who had a part in creating the product. Hunter: This is anyone who posts a product. Hunting is the same as posting. Feel free to post by clicking "Post" on the top of our website. Any questions, we're right behind the Intercom bubble here.
Dady Ismael
@leandro8209 Why the word "Hunter" then because for me it doesn't fit the action of posting. l have got "Hunter" like someone who chase a "Maker"
@roronoazoro I'm not quite sure of the origin, but I suppose it's because people go hunting for products and then post them, since Product Hunt is all about discovering cool products.
Lars Karbo
@leandro8209 Thanks for clarification! Realize I can become the "hunter" by unchecking the checkbox for "I made this" checkbox when posting a product.😃
Anurag Kumar
@leandro8209 Hey, I'm planning to launch a product on 1st december , we have got a well known hunter helping us out on this. How do I add a maker to the product? can It be added before the launch or just when the hunter post the product, should we add the maker profile there.
@leandro8209 @anurag_kumar6 During the process of posting a product, you get a chance to add makers, just before you set it to go live.
karmjit singh
So Maker can’t be Hunter? I am trying to hunt the product I posted but I don’t even see it in the list.
get to know people. know the space. be in all betas, testflights. be in the discord channels, know twitter etc. so being an early adopter or even a first mover :)