What are some good ways to build a social network of likeminded people in a new city?

Lars Karbo
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- I recently moved to Oslo, Norway - I want to pursue the path as an independent maker. - I know it's impossible to be happy and productive without good social interaction Are there any good ways to: - Find other indie-makers/digital-nomads - Satisfy the human need of social interaction - Avoid getting unhappy by working only alone Thanks ✨


Olga Trykush
Hey Lars, I would advise to start joining local communities of your interest in Facebook, Slack and Reddit. The best strategy is visiting small local meetups, but due to the Covid time, this option may be impossible, but actually as far as I noticed very often such meetups run discussions somewhere, you only need to find out where and join them. Also, LinkedIn can be an option - both personal messages and groups. The most important thing is not to be afraid to start chatting, good luck with that 🙌
Jan Zheng
@olha_trykush Not sure if this is true in Norway but I've had great success in the past with Meetup.com. There are also pockets of "serious" makers who don't tend to go to a lot of meetups (because they're working) and they can be harder to find, but they might lurk around in product design / development meetups and more area-specific (like health tech) meetups. Also a good idea is to find all the coworking spaces and go to the places where makers tend to hang out (worked really well in Budapest and Amsterdam). Buuuuut again, I have no idea what's going on in Covid times
Lars Karbo
@olha_trykush @yawnxyz This makes sense Jan, seems like meetups are slowly starting again here after covid, so there are plenty of communities to check out.
Pavi Tweety
A smart thought is to discover all the cooperating spaces and go to the spots where producers will in general hang out worked truly well in Budapest and Amsterdam. Thanks. https://blackfridayvpn.net/
Lars Karbo
@pavi_tweety Cool! Do you know @yawnxyz? He said the exact same. By producers you mean makers?
Lars Karbo
@pavi_tweety Do you find that some co-working spaces are better than others? Are there some that are more focused towards companies/teams/startups and others more tailored for solo people?