How do you recommend launching on PH, or marketing in general, for those who have no network?

Catherine Chen
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Felix Limper
I think if you do not have a network, best is to start building one! Just be active, contribute, communicate. You will build a network slowly. I myself do not have a lot of experience, so I cannot really say anything other than that. :D
Teo Deleanu
@felix_dgg I agree Felix. Especially now we can involve more online. And if you are a maker you need other maker like mindset to grow!
Sreekanth PM
Network building is not an overnight process, it will take time. Nobody else will love your product as you do, so the best person to launch your product is YOU. If you are still behind in networking don't worry, Start today have a checklist of communities and start signing up engage and contribute, slowly you will start getting noticed.
Anthony Thong Do
It's never too late to start building a network first, it will make your launch easier. Another way is to find a partner who has a wide network.
@thongda Do you know how to approach people with big communities here in PH? I was trying to get in contact via @hanlde in Twitter but never got an answer - do you know how to get in touch with somebody here?
Teo Deleanu
My 2 cents on this. Or 50 cents! You should get some networking with this. Product hunt and indie hackers are mostly for it. I always get inspired by the newsletter. Bonus: and skills get sharper when you do it with passion