Can you help me decide on our domain name?

Nick Duncan
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Hi All I'm about to launch a product that will set a new standard for trusted websites and how you perceive them due to our technology. Which of these domains seems more "trustworthy" to you right off the bat? - trustedbadge[dot]org - trustalpha[dot]org - trustatlas[dot].org - trustedorigin[dot]org - trusthunt[dot]org - trustleader[dot]org - trustorigins[dot]org - trustrocket[dot]org I quite like but I believe may be the better option here... I'm looking forward to what you all think and thank you for your help with this!


Dylan Auty
I really like "trustrocket[dot]org" - It feels like established
Dylan Kotze
I feel like "" sounds really trustworthy and professional.
Seterek Lakshit
I will go with looks legit
@deleted-2849484 looks good and the next best is trustleader. Remaining all looks negative to me.
Austin Smith
trustrocket sounds fun and engaging!
Despite the fact it is allowed, I'd consider it misuse of .org
Felix Limper
@darth_vapor @nickduncan Google bite: "org top-level domain stands for “organization” and is primarily used for nonprofit websites such as charities, NGOs, open source projects, and educational platforms"
Nick Duncan
@darth_vapor @felix_dgg Thank you. I will take that into consideration.
"" seems the most relevant to what you've described.
Felix Limper
I understand why people see "trustrocket" as a cool option, but to me it sounds somehow playful and "start-up like" (you know, rockets everywhere), maybe it is my conversative view, but I would rather go for something like "trustorigin"/"trustleader"/"trustedorigin", as it sounds more fitting for a platform that judges on how trustworthy webpages are.
Shivam Dhruva
canitrust[dot]io, seems to be a good domain name
If you haven't already taken ( then you'll find some else has.
Dady Ismael
Trustedorigins sounds good for me. I have launched a product that verified and trusted online vendors . Take a look . I think we can collaborate
Chris Wray
The domain I like the most is trustrocket. If a domain uses a word like trusted in it, I automatically think it is untrusted. Not sure why though...
Scott Finneran
Trustleader or Trustrocket
Mark Upgrade
Why don't you consider a .com domain extension? A .com domain is the default domain your customers will look for when trying to find your brand online. We like and it is available for registration. Why .org? Here's our article that might help you decide what's best for your brand:
Nick Duncan
@mark_upgrade find me a short and valid domain without numbers or hyphens and I'll definitely go for it.
Mark Upgrade
@nickduncan What's wrong with
Nick Duncan
@mark_upgrade It's not available. However, I have contacted them to find out what their asking price is.
Nick Duncan
@mark_upgrade Yup that's what I used to get hold of them. I'm expecting an email with a large number in my inbox soon :D
Gabe Perez
Trusted Badge is my favorite however, will you be offering an actual "badge" for websites to display or awarding a "trust badge" to webpages? Since badge is in the name, as a user I'd expect some sort of "badge" system. I'd also be wary of using .org. @felix_dgg did a good job as to why. trustbadge[dot]co is currently available as an alternative. Good luck!
Edmond Chan
I personally prefer trustrocket[dot]org.
Vikulya Tarasova
I like it too ...
Maxwell Asper
I like these three: -Trustatlas[dot]org --> This one feels strong and reliable. -Trustleader[dot]org --> This one gives a feeling of prominence. -Trustrocket[dot]org --> This one is exciting and energizing!
Hussein Yahfoufi
These too feel trusted to me - trustedbadge[dot]org - trustedorigin[dot]org
Delaine Lantz
I like trusthunt :) makes it seem like you are always looking to uncover the truth!
Mark Hennings
Trustrocket and Trustedbadge are good, they look like two words put together whereas some of the others get a little convoluted when trying to read without spaces. trustatlas could be read as tru-stat-las by some % of readers for example. I kind of like how Trustedbadge implies something good you are going to get (a badge), but it might lock you into the badge thing for longer than you'd like in your company future. Maybe you want to pivot and not put a badge first someday. Then Trustrocket is the most versatile and long-lived domain name.