Has Product Hunt Ship (Upcoming Page) been beneficial for you? Would you recommend?

Mahesh Shrestha
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Hi Makers, During our last Product Hunt Global Meetup: Kathmandu, Nepal, one of our community members shared his experience of using the Ship feature for his upcoming product. He added for Ship Pro subscription, he hit nearly 10K traffic to his product page within a day of shipping and gathered valuable feedback and suggestions regarding the improvement of the product. It seemed the Ship feature worked unexpectedly well for him, which influenced us to utilize the feature for our upcoming products too! However, the question remains, how well did the Ship feature work for you? Share your experiences here as that will help the other makers too!


I'm really interested in this as well. Just created a Ship landing page and can't decide if it's worth to upgrade to Ship Pro. (https://www.producthunt.com/upco...) @alphahunter How much traffic did they receive from the Ship Promotion feature?
Alex Devero
@alphahunter @andrefuchs I would not think in the terms of traffic, but conversions. Having 10K visitors is useless if the majority of those visitors don't convert. Traffic on its own will not make your product profitable. From this point, I don't think upgrading to Ship Pro is worth it. You may get traction. The question is, will that increased traction actually translate into sign ups and paying customers/users? I don't think so. Instead of paying for Pro, use that cash for adds and/or offers for influencers in the mindfulness industry you can reach to.