What did you learn from "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"?

Mahesh Shrestha
24 replies
Before you jump into a startup venture, the one book that everyone recommends is "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". And which I followed too. Out of the many lessons I got to learn from the book, I loved the idea of questioning oneself "How can I afford it?" rather than admitting "I can't afford it." Honestly, this lesson has always pushed me forward to grind and hustle. So, what's your best lesson from the book?


Micah Carroll
I would say, totally multiple streams of income ~
Suman Seth
For me, it was on "learn how to sell".
Parry Singh
I learnt that the most important thing is to not get into the Rat race. (https://www.richdad.com/resource...)
Cameron Ehrlich
Don’t work for money, make money work for you
Niko Wallner
@cameronehrlich @alphahunter The book changed my attitude toward life. I realized the simple thing: "the poor people get poorer and the rich get richer". I noticed that I had a poor mindset and was satisfied with normal, ordinary things. I didn't try to make my personal and professional life better. I was just existing... Then I asked myself about what I wanted, I set GOALS and this made the quality of my life better.
Nathan Grieve
Don't rely on one source of income
Ken Savage
Multiple forms of revenue and not to beholden to any one of them.
Aline Tan
It would be, Fear and self-doubt are your greatest barriers to success.
Chi Nwengoo Ozor
Basically study,study, study. Daddy believes so much in education. He would give his all to see his children educated
Jordan Coeyman
"Money isn't real". Value is, and the exchange of it.
Zoe Chew
Hey Mahesh, I love this book and wouldn't mind sharing what I learn with everyone here: 1. Most people bought liabilities they thought are assets (i.e. personal home, cars). 2. Instead of buying things to look rich, Robert suggests using that money to invest in assets that are cash-producing. 3. For example, business, stocks, real estate, rentals, bonds, hiring talents. I'm a fan of books and compiled a 3-Year book list to share - https://whizzoe.com/books/
Ricardo Alamino
Buy things that put money into your pocket...
salah baik
for me ,how to be independent and change your thoughts about looking for jobs
Lane Davis
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