Hunt your own product or having someone else hunt your product for you?

Mirko Maccarrone
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What's your experience❓ What worked best for you❓ Calling out all the hunters and makers, let's discuss 🙌


Hussein Yahfoufi
From what I am seeing.. In the past, if you didn't get a hunter on the in to hunt your product, you would not show on the home page at all. Now it seems like all products show on the home page and their algorithm takes it from there depending on how much engagement your product has. So in that sense getting hunted by someone else makes no difference. When someone you follow hunts, in the past it used to send a notification to all their followers that they hunted a new product. This no longer happens either. Only thing left which could help (it doesn't hurt) is that when someone you follow hunts a new product you do see it in your PH notifications. So if you happen to be on Product Hunt and look at your notification it does give that product more visibility.
Ananta Bose
After launched my first product I realised find a hunter is important. My product got 7 upvotes since I launched. It's hard to judge whether your product is fit for market or not. As a UX practitioner I never seen any community for UX designers , there are many for UI designers though and hoped people will accept my product and received a decent number of upvotes but unfortunately thats not happened. To continue on this, next question would be how to find a hunter who hunt your product. What is the best way to convince them to hunt your product. I would love to get some advice from the experts.
Mirko Maccarrone
@ananta_bose1 Thank you for sharing your experience. Your next question is extremely helpful, let's try to ask the community with the hope to get an answer :)
Valerie Fenske
so we had 7 launches on PH and 2 of them were done with the help of hunters. I see no difference in these posts. once a hunter posted our launch 4 hours later than agreed upon. so that's when we decided to ship ourselves.
Mirko Maccarrone
@valeryfenskaya Very interesting, thank you! We have 2 super quick questions, hope you don't mind. How did you find a hunter who hunt your product? And what is the best way to convince them to hunt your product?
I'm quite new on PH. Interestingly I'm actually looking for a hunter to assist with my platform.
Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
I hunted my own product and got 96 upvotes (which is good I guess) on the very first day. I don't even have any following.