Would you be into a co-working space on Minecraft?

Max Mirho
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I created and launched a super tiny virtual co-working space on Minecraft as an experiment into quick entrepreneurship - but it seems to be taking off a bit. Do you think I should launch it here on Product Hunt? Or is that not substantial enough a product?


Greg Striblin
This sounds very interesting! Show me more!
Hey that's a really fun networking idea! Sure beats the ones where 99% of them just hand you a business card for their pyramid scheme... i have pixel circle generator
Anna Dilana
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Timm Jack
That's such a creative and innovative idea! I love how you're exploring new ways for remote collaboration. Minecraft's immersive environment could add a fun twist to co-working. Count me in; I'd definitely be interested in checking it out and co-working in this unique setting! visit site: https://www.minecraftofficial.co...
arhums jerrod
Minecraft is a versatile sandbox game that has been used for various creative and collaborative projects, including virtual offices and co-working spaces. These spaces can provide opportunities for remote teams and communities to work together, collaborate on projects Minecraft related, and socialize in a virtual environment.
Daisy Todd
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drive seedsi
If you're interested in a co-working space in Minecraft, it could be a fun and innovative way to collaborate. Creating a virtual office or workspace in Minecraft might even be more engaging. If you're looking to set this up, make sure you have a valid Minecraft account to access the game and explore these creative possibilities.