Do you know of any online courses for starting artists?

Max Mirho
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I would love to create a product that helps artists get started in actual careers, and I'm sure there are a load of similar products out there. Any courses you've personally used? I would love to do some competitive research.


Forster Perelsztejn
Hey Max, what artists are we talking about? Music, painting, writing, dancing? These are all very specific industries. As an artist, what's your craft and what do you wish you'd have known before launching your career?
Em deGrandpré
not a course but I would check out Lara Marcin’s Employing Artists group on facebook... she started it during the height of the pandemic and it has grown to 1.8k members. It has a lot of different artists and resources in it. I don’t know if you will find much good advice on this platform, since after all, this is, product hunt...