What can you do if your local friends cannot see or find the solution of your platform or startup?

Jorge Briceño
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Hello! I´m having this situation nowadays, unfortunately, I begin to share my platform for local friends for support and also for feedback in order to iterate the product; however, I´m not receiving 0 feedback about the product. I see three possible causes here: - I´m targeting the wrong community. - They don´t see the solution of the platform - Unfortunately, they don´t feel that they want the product. I do see the solution and I think my platform can work, but what can I do in any of these cases? I will really appreciate any feedback or thoughts from the network. Thanks in advance.


Caroline Chiari
Well, you don't "get" feedback, you ask for it. There are two types of users who "give" you feedback: those who absolutely LOVE it and those who absolutely HATE it. Everyone else is in between.
Caleb Skinner
Keep in mind that your friend circle might be giving you valuable feed back by not seeing the value. If they can't others might not either. Have to considered taking your widget and abstracting it to level that is easier to understand? Have to verified the concept in a blue sky approach and got good feedback from your circle against it?