When should a product make itself invite only?

Rahul Arora
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When the costs for further scaling fo the system can not get compensated by new inflow, but only when the existing state of the system is sustainable, otherwise the system should get disassembled or restructured.
@rahul__arora Systems are containing all processes and artifacts, so in my understanding the „more“ - whatever it is - should also be contained in this generic approach of putting it
Daryl Bartkunsky
Making a product/service invite only can be used as a marketing funnel to drive up hype and indirectly brand awareness it is said "Everyone wants what everyone else wants"
Piotr Gaczkowski
I agree with both @timz_flowers and @sbrands . The two reasons for making a product invite-only that I see is: 1. Not being able to satisfy the demand for rapid growth. 2. Wanting to create a hype a virality around the product. This could be further boosted by letting people jump ahead of the queue when they share the info about the product publicly, for example.
Fizzap Social Network
I saw one product lately that only allows accounts to be created via an invite. BIG mistake, why must anyone limit the potential user base of any product by using this kind of flawed idea? Remember people are generally lazy and they will be reluctant to pass on invites anyway because 1. its a hassle 2. its more work. .... which equals near zero invites and no new users.