Where do you publish your landing page in order to get traffic?

Sam Bauer
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Mustafa Kural
It depends on what type of product to a degree. I would use Quora as you can laser target your audience. Facebook is also great due to sharp targeting possibilities both paid (ads) and free (groups). All the best
@muratkural Thanks for the tips. How are you doing it on Quora? Do you have a best practice advice?
Mustafa Kural
@timz_flowers Hi, Quora needs some time investment. You will need to provide helpful answers to the questions relevant to your buiness: 50% no link, non-salesy answers, 50% with link and mentioning your business in a softselling tone. I suggest to the info in this link: https://ahrefs.com/blog/quora-ma..., all the best
Vaibhav Dwivedi
It will depend on what kind of product or business you are promoting. Hence, figuring out what places are there where you can find your ideal audience.
I use multiple social medias, and prioritize them base on what type of product I'm promoting. Focus on the main page while asking people to join the main one on other pages.
Allan Caeg
"Publishing your landing page" is an interesting way of looking at it. You'll want to look at it from a different perspective. You have an audience that's interested in a solution (free or paid). They could learn about your solution via a Twitter reply, personal email, Google search, Quora Answer, ProductHunt launch, targeted ad placement, shoutout on a popular newsletter, etc. My point here is thinking about your own landing page won't likely lead to high traffic and conversions. Now, what do you do after getting landing page online? Consider: - making sure you optimized it for SEO - sharing your offer via social - running ads - sharing this new page with your personal network - reaching out to higher profile folks *if* there's a powerful incentive for them to look at your new page and offer
@allancaeg Hi Allan, great answer, thank you. I was also interested in listings, so for example directories, where tech companies get listed from different perspectives (we just listed it in a female-founders directory in Berlin). We are just in beta with timz.flowers and are just starting over with content production, SEO, and as we are bootstrapping and doing all ourselves without being super experts every tip and perspective is valuable.
@allancaeg There are many directories out there, but I'm hesitant, because I don't know if I'm lowering the reputation of our project by simply spreading the landingpage everywhere, without taking care of the quality of the directory.