Your Universal Online Shopping Cart launched

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Please share your feedback to improve the app and meet your needs ( MOSC is a mobile app that lets you via its mobile browser save products of online stores with a single click and get notified in real-time when they go on sale. Always buy at the best price via MOSC price alerts!


Oliver Wolf
- Nice idea - I do not understand what "get notified in real-time when they go on sale" means? - don't like that I have to use an extra browser - would like to have it as a browser plugin on my mac (or any other desktop)
@oliver_wolf thanks for your feedback. In fact you get notified in real time if the price of one of your items decrease in your cart. This universal cart is only based on mobile (Android for now), therefore this is not possible to use it as a plugin but you can add item from your default mobile browser or shopping apps to your universal cart via the share button and select MOSC app.
Yami San
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