Which option do you prefer to make e-shop search?

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MOSC is a mobile app to save products of online stores and get notified in real-time when they are discounted. https://www.mosc.app


Hamid Alipour
Nice Idea Mathieu. I would definitely use any app if they help me save money;) I would reframe your second option as "using an extra mobile app" since when I go to the link I see you have already built an App for this! Not sure if that's what you meant, but I would use an extra mobile app for my shopping but not an extra browser. hope this clarifies my choise;)
@hamid_ra thanks for your feedback. Currently you can use both options but I will remove in-app browser to focus on default browser and shopping apps. Soon I will integrate a price comparator as well, in that way you could verify if items in your universal cart are cheaper on others covered e-shops.