What is the hardest part about having a work meeting?

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I have meetings every day. Preparing materials and assigning members is very hard. What is the hardest part of a work meeting for you? Examples - Being held in an unnecessary meeting? - Setting up a meeting? - The inability of members to focus and participate in meetings?


Lluís Ventura
Give www.producthunt.com/upcoming/as1nc a try. Subscribe to it and I will send you an invite this week. Async videos, but also agendas, notes and to-dos integrated into your Calendar
Gordian Overschmidt
@814_kimura86 "unnecessary meeting" too much meetings without clear results / decisions for my taste. Additionally, the problem for me is always when I come out of a meeting and the documentation takes forever. "Setting up" But we are working on it. Aiming to create a pre-selection of decisions to make during or at the end of the meeting and have those structured and - more important - made, based on the criteria agreed on. Means meeting is over, documentation executed. "inability of members to focus and participate" Clear result!
Valerie Fenske
depends on the reason for a meeting!
Rahul Arora
Too many meetings
Julia Karol
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Marcelo Ventura
Scheduling is terrible. It gets worse as number of ppl involved increases. It would be easier if ppl could discuss things live, in text channels such as slack, discord, etc.
Bhavyta Aggarwal
I think to set up a meeting and then waiting for other members to arrive.
Daniel Lee
Deciding whether to attend a meeting: most of them are not necessary nor relevant.
Lucas Roth
Definitely trying to get your message across when there's not much organization in the meeting.
Vaibhav Namburi
Quite literally all of the above. Its ridiculous that we're in 2020 and there isn't a sorted out way to hold better meetings. Had enough frustrations from no shows to no agenda, and people just diverging conversation ended up building to solve for exactly this: https://remoteworkly.co I'd love for you to try it out to get your feedback if you're open to it ?
@veebuv https://remoteworkly.co is your product? If I have a team, do I need to sign up for this service with all my team members?
Vaibhav Namburi
@814_kimura86 Hey mate, yeah this is ours You can sign up and use it as an individual too, but its best suited when you've got more than 1 person in your team PS its free forever if you're less than 10 people :)
@veebuv I've signed up. How do I add meetings to my smart meetings?
Vaibhav Namburi
@814_kimura86 Awesome just saw. You go to Smart meetings, integrate google, and simply click on a meeting and on the right you can add your meeting notes :)
@veebuv I wasn't able to tell you the details. I can add my meeting notes :) Can I add an appointment to my calendar using remoteworkly? Do I have to use Google Calendar to add an appointment?
Jensen Chen
The meeting is not related to me.
@jensen_chen Why are you being called into a meeting that is not relevant?
Brajesh Sachan
Context switching
Maria Surkova
Ok, for me is to imitate that I'm really interested in what's going on. I've worked in dozens of companies, most of the time on remote — and it was a hell. Guys and girls who are working from the office are connected to each other: while I am not. I'm talking about anything, while seeing them watch the screens of their smartphones. I hated this feeling of being against all of them. Not WITH them, you know? Nowadays I think that the most important part of teamwork are not meetings, but trust and even friendship between colleagues. Yeah, it's hard to gain on remote. But I hope our new product will help 🦄
Ronan Wall
Poorly set agendas pre meeting and actions not being sent out post meeting. Both are basic but help to avoid most of the pain points of meetings
Chris Wray
Having to have to do it over video. I think so many meetings could be over the phone.
Rishabh Jindal
handling conflicts when none of us have spent enough time on prior research. It comes down to the ego of the people in the meeting and never fun to see egos clash. A partial solution is to create an environment where all ideas are presented as hypothesis that can welcome criticism and praise and detach personal reputation from them. It's hard to implement in practice. However, a team can certainly work towards it. Thoughts welcome!
Too many people talking and locked in one place !! Prefer the Remo Virtual Office
Allan Caeg
It's tough to get invited to meetings that could have been an email. Folks ought to master the art of writing a message and sending screen recordings.
Paul Boudet
Unclear actions/next steps decided in the meeting and then having to chase people to do them. We built http://meetric.app/ to fix that - we're in closed beta and looking for beta testers (offering free 90 days account).
Hannah S Kim
I think being in meeting without a clear agenda can be hard! It just sets your meeting up to be inefficient and unfocused.