One Productivity Tool for your work and life balance.

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Short and Simple: Hi guys! If there was one feature that you wouldn't live without or one feature that you think none of today's productivity tools don't have or are not updating themselves to today's fast-paced time-boxed workflow, what would it be? Thanks! Veer


A daily summary. Weekly summary and monthly I'm a big fan on 'Non-zero' days - So even when you've only done a little bit of work it records it. So in your summaries you can see you are making progress, however small. It helps a little with the 'motivation' Something like: You spent X hours on project X this week, that's more than last week, keep it up
@vincenthaywood wow, ironically if you see the idea page on my onenote, i have something very similar to this and ihad ntoed it down before i even made this post as i myself need to know how much i have actually done x on y day....thanks though. :D
Allan Caeg
Would love a way to establish work vs. non-work modes. Ideally, this way: - influences my software experience across devices - potentially connects with the physical world (e.g. Philips Hue integration) - communicates with my team when I'm supposed to be disconnected - communicates with people in my personal life when I'm available
Marie Malikova
There is no such function that has not yet been added to TMetric It is very difficult to come up with something new, everything is already there :)