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TMetric is a time tracker which captures time you spent on any task or project and calculates how much money you earned working with a client according to your rates. Has a detailed time and money reports which give you a quick overview of your business.

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  • Pros: 

    web based no need to install software on the pc

    can track from anywhere after logging in.



    I have tried many time trackers before I started to use TMetric, but each of them has its own cons. TMetric combines user-frinedly interface and a wide range of useful functions and integrations. Integration with Asana was one of the essential points for me. Also I like that Tmetric has a mobile time tracking app, so you can keep tracking of your activity out of office too.

    TurnerAlex has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    light interface, a lot of integrations, mobile app


    I don't think I have anything to dislike right now

    I use Redmine + TMetric to manage my working activity and keep tracking of working hours and I am fully satisfied with these tools. TMetric helps me to stay productive and reduce the waste of time. Tmetric provides me with detailed time and tasks reports

    Ekaterina Sklyarova has used this product for one year.


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Jordan SandersMaker@jordan_sanders · Product Manager, Devart
Hi, everyone! My name is Jordan and I am a part of the team responsible for TMetric development. I am very excited that guys from Product Hunt gave us an opportunity to be here. Thanks! I want to tell you a little bit about our tool. In the beginning, we created it just for ourselves and then decided to share it with everyone. We went on a path of simplicity and I hope you will love the app design. What can TMetric do? With TMetric you can create tasks, projects, and clients. For each client, you can assign a project or a task. For each task and project, you can set billable/non-billable time. In the next TMetric release, we will add task/project rates, so you will have the opportunity to set a specific money sum for your services completing a task or a project. In the report, you will see how much money you earned during a selected time period. The release is scheduled on 6th of October. Also, we added task tags. Tags are used to categorize your working time. Here is a detailed info about tags We know that there are a lot of project management tools and development tools that people use every day so we decided to make an integration with them that you could track time in your favourite PM tools. You can integrate TMetric with Asana, Trello, Jira, Visual Studio Team Services, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, RedMine and many others, Here is the full list of available integrations Btw, TMetric is totally free for now. We decided to gather as much user feedback as we can get and implement it in TMetric. So if you have any feature request or just want to chat directly with the developers please send your messages here I hope with your help we will create a better time tracking tool for everyone!
Judaaaaahhhh@jdrch · Engineer
Toggl works well enough for me and has free desktop and Android apps.
Jordan SandersMaker@jordan_sanders · Product Manager, Devart
A new version of TMetric released! What's added in a new version: - Billable rates & costs - Billing information in reports - Redesigned interface for new project - Time format selection - Project manager has broader privileges - Total break time - Time logging restriction More details about release you can find here
Jordan SandersMaker@jordan_sanders · Product Manager, Devart
Create Successful Project Budgets with Updated TMetric What's new: - Track budgets in reports Get a detailed overview of your current budget spendings in a Project Summary report. Receive notifications when your budgeted time or cost is exceeded to remedy the situation in time. - Links between reports Links in the Project Summary, Team Summary, and Task Summary reports will navigate you to a Detailed report showing the related information in more details. - Time Rounding When setting up your account, you can choose to round time in reports down to nearest, up to nearest, and to nearest. You can also choose a time rounding interval from a variety of available ones. - Locking time entries Set a period for regular members for which they can edit their time entries. - New integrations TMetric now supports integration with UserVoice, Zendesk, and Todoist. - Notes to projects Add notes to your projects to include additional information on the project. More details about new release you can find here
Jordan SandersMaker@jordan_sanders · Product Manager, Devart
TMetric Adds Work Types for Advanced Billing Devart, a recognized software vendor, has announced a new release of TMetric. The update comes with work types, default billable rate for client, project code and other features to control project profits and be more productive at work. The TMetric update delivers such new features as: -Work types A project may involve a variety of different tasks performed by different specialists, and these tasks may cost differently for a client. A new feature allows: *create custom work types; *set specific billing rates for each separate work activity; *provide a more flexible billing to your client. Furthermore, there is a default work type which you can set for a member in your account. When the member creates a time-entry, the default work type is automatically added to the time entry. -Default billable rate for client You can set a default billable rate for each of your regular clients so that you don’t have to keep it in your head and specify each time you create a project for a client. -Project code A project code helps identify your project. As you project can be distributed between different external web systems, you can unite all of its parts under one project code. -Regular account members can create projects As an account owner, you can let your team create public projects. A regular member is now able to create a project and specify general information for the project. This option is especially useful when a project is automatically created through the TMetric extension. -Sorting time entries by time We’ve added this small option at the numerous requests from our users. Now, you can sort time entries in time-descending and time-ascending order. More details about release you can find here