How I booked a meeting with Drift and made $120k

Stan Rymkiewicz
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Hey PH👋, So I've been consulting agencies and startups on how to book more sales calls for over 2 years and helped them generate $1.5M in pipeline. Today, I'll share a story on how I booked a meeting with VP Marketing at by cold emailing David Cancel (CEO.) I'm going to show how I did it, why it worked, and how you can get started. My client that I worked with here was a PPC marketing agency for SaaS companies. I decide to go after the CEO as she/he will always refer you down to the right person (and this won't work the other way around!!). I'm not going to get in details how to get contact info. I used a ton of tools for this and my go-to right now is Here is a script that I used: ---------------------------------------------- SUBJECT: behaviour science (here you mention one item that is personalized to this specific person. In this case, it was an item from his last podcast episode) BODY: Hi David- big fan of your podcast. Love the result of your partnership with RapidMiner - especially how you influenced 25% of their open pipeline. Thought you might find it interesting how we brought $60,787.87 in profit with only $7,717.12 ad spend for a similar company to Drift. I help SaaS companies (such as Hootsuite and Leadfeeder) get more free trials, demo requests, and customers by building paid acquisitions campaigns. Sounds interesting? Thanks, Stan ---------------------------------------------- Now let me break it down for you. Subject line is personalized (PRO TIP: write with lowercase letters only as it makes it look more human). First line is also personalized with a huge compliment. I mentioned his podcast and then a detailed case study from their website. Then you move to ultra-specific and targeted pitch (see how I showed exact profit numbers? and not just 60k). The more specific you are the higher the chances of getting a reply. The last sentence needs to boost your credibility and trustworthiness with brand names and relatable companies. And that's it.! If this will get lots of upvotes I will share how the story ended.


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