How do I find attractive pricing models for SaaS?

Sam Bauer
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Are there tips and general strategies? Of course, our case is special, like every case is. We are in beta and are searching for the product-market-fit with beta users on I would like to learn from your experience. Thanks a lot!


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fwiw, all the advice I've heard falls into something along the lines of "try different price points"
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@jhlyeung that is so true
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@jhlyeung could you elaborate a bit more what his means exactly?
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@timz_flowers basically the only way to really find out is to try different price points and see how many customers you still have. and that it is more common for founders to not charge enough than charge too much
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@jhlyeung Thank you for your answer. I still have questions. In my understanding that means either A) you have at different moments in time different prices? Or B) do you mean, working with A/B tests, in different funnels you assign different prices to different audiences and compare the conversion rates? Or do you mean something entirely different?
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@timz_flowers A, you'll have different cohorts of customers yeah your scale is likely too small for A/B tests to be meaningful
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I really like this talk about pricing