Date your co-founders

Maxim Zavadskiy
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It is best to look at co-founder finding dilemma as a much longer-term process, than, say, just hiring an employee. As you wouldn't propose marriage on a first date, you shouldn't also push to get someone to become a co-founder. Therefore it is better to look into your network first (and yes friends are a great source of co-founders), start with a small engagement, like mini-project, and utilize online startup communities where you can build rapport over time.


It's always good to end this with a question, or perhaps share your own experience. You could say "What do other's think about this?" or "What has your journey been?". This encourages discussion.
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The most important thing (IMHO) is to get a founders agreement ASAP and make sure there's reverse vesting in it. Will not solve all your problems but will help you avoid dead equity (in most cases).
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I couldn't agree more! Particularly with the focus on forming a long-term relationship rather than thinking about it as hiring an employee. I am biased though as I'm married to my co-founder :)