Why do you use Product Hunt? Share your experience.

Samir Patel
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This post is of all the makers, hunters and users of Product hunt on what you think is helpful for others and if you can share your experience using product hunt so far would be great.


Oliver Wolf
- I'm building a product and plan to launch it on PH. - From time to time i'm discover a product I love to use because its simply helpful - Asking and giving feedback. Especially exchanging ideas with startups in an early stage works good here.
Samir Patel
@oliver_wolf Thanks for sharing your experience Oliver. I saw the landing page of Monsterwriter and it seems like if you use more images it would be god.
Branimir Hrženjak
@oliver_wolf I'm on board with what Oliver said - especially item number 2. Discovering new and great products is a real fun and engaging process for me.
@oliver_wolf can agree on all three points! 😊 Those are all the reasons why I love to hang out on Product Hunt, too.
Samir Patel
@oliver_wolf @branimir_hrzenjak Indeed it is but whats also helpful is promoting the products you like found by others which can help them grow.
Benoit Dessaucy
I'm curious. I hope I could promote the Smart Guest browser extension [https://smartguest.club]. But I don't know to rocketboost it! ;-)
Samir Patel
@benoit_dessaucy If the product is good it will get boosted on its own. a word of advise is alway put your features and how it benefits users on your landing page instead of inner page.
@burkthedesigner you're so right about getting serious feedback! It can be such a useful channel for testing out different concepts and getting feedback from others.
Samir Patel
@burkthedesigner Indeed and would be happy to collaborate or help if you require any Aaron. also would love to see what you are building currently.
Michael Andreuzza
Hi ! Well, I built a free web app ( Colors and Fonts ) and I wanted ot to be used by web developers and digital designers, so PH was and is a great platform. Since then I check almost everyday if there is an app that I could use. Also, I am aböut to launch it again...and I like to see what's cooking. Have a great one !
Samir Patel
@michael_andreuzza Looks good Michael. I clicked on https://www.colorsandfonts.com/d... and web developer resources and i thought theres nothing there after that i noticed the content is below that. may be direct users to that div if someone clicks the button?
Michael Andreuzza
Hey @samarpatel13 , That is so true. I will correct that. Thank you so much for letting me know. I am currently redesigning the whole site, and I miss so of the parts...my bad. Will fix
Samir Patel
@michael_andreuzza No worries Michael. Let me know if you need any help for redesigning or need a brain for feedbacks and review.
Nimit kumar
I use the product hunt to finds new tools and share my experience with regard to tools i have used
It's the best place to discover tech products and apps! 😊 What I find particularly useful about PH: ⭐️ 1000s of cool products that solve pain points of the 21st century ⭐️ Useful feedback on products & visibility over planned improvements ⭐️ Maker's are easy to connect with! what do you think @cecilia_haynes? 😉
Cecilia Haynes
@socialveronika Definitely agreed! It's a place where makers can elevate little-known products and get an immediate response/feedback from the community. Plus, who doesn't want to discover a new tool that will increase productivity and make life go smoother?
Trent G.
@cecilia_haynes @socialveronika I totally agree here. There are so many products here that are really made with love - they outperform alternatives with style.
Laura Vasquez
I'm a bit new to this site, but in the short amount of time I've been using it, I've seen several really cool ideas and products that I can use in my daily life. Plus, I work with a startup who launched their product, PPC Ad Editor, here not too long ago! It's cool to see people engage with it.
Trent G.
@laura_vasquez95 Definitely inspiring to see so many products launched into the world on a daily basis.
Samir Patel
@laura_vasquez95 Welcome to PH Laura. I am sure you will find many good products here and please also follow collections related to your day to day work which will help you get acquainted with new products too.
Vjeko Skarica
A friend recommended PH to me, as a way to find cool new apps so I started spending a lot of time here as a lurker. It was fun, and the community was great. One of the rare places on the Internet where you can get honest feedback without bull***t. And the people are nice here. Today, I can proudly say I launched one small product, and I have another in the works for next week. Hey, it's something!
@vjekoskarica congrats on your launch! 😍 And... congratulations on becoming a contributor. I've been a lurker for a while and finally launched a mini content ideas tool to help marketers create content for social media. It feels good to launch & hunt products! 😊
Douglas Evaristo
Discovery new things! I love it :)
Hans Dekker
As a growth marketer I love trying new products and tools and also get inspired by seeing ways people come up with to solve problems.
Piotr Bartoszek
👀 looking for new cool digital products 🦉 increasing visibility of my own side project: https://owwly.com
Juan Carlos Marin
To stay on top knowing new products, existing ones, similar products. I'm a consumer not maker yet
Luca Iaconelli
Discover new products. Love it ❤️😍
I've met so many interesting people in this community and discovered lots of great tools and products. That's why I use it! ❤️
Ryan Maynard
I use PH as a sort of wiki for emerging tools. Being mindful of new things as they develop is much more fluid than trying to find something after a need arises. I liken it to knowing most of the things your local hardware store carries so that, in the event you find yourself needing to repair something, you already have some idea of what things are immediately available to you to make short work of problem solving.
@ryanmaynard00 that's a great reason to use Product Hunt! 😊 What are some of your favourite products you've discovered through here?
Find great new tools, connect with makers & share knowledge and experience.
Huaiyu Khaw
Get to discover a lot of interesting products which then I love and use! To get know a lot of makers that built the stuff and in discussions like this!
Anuj Mishra
I'm a digital marketing expert who likes to construct things and PH is a magnificent network for sharing those things. It is an extraordinary method to quit fooling around criticism and it is an incredible method to get motivation.
Kira Savvy
I use product hunt to share, collaborate and ask for advice and suggestions for marketing my web app!