Which one amongst the following is/are the right question/questions to ask your potential customer?

Rahul Arora
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Do you think it's a good idea?
Would you buy a product which did X?
How much would you pay for X?
What would your dream product do?
Why do you bother?
What are the implications for that?
Talk me through your workflow
What else have you tried?
Would you pay X for a product which did Y?
Is there anything else I should have asked?


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This is a good talk to look at:
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@caroline_chiari Will watch this surely
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The right question lets the potential customer speak. It is more listening with all senses on your end. What is being done, where are there problems, which dreams, also observing how the person behaves - what is expressed verbally does not necessarily have to correspond to the current perception.
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@gordianoverschmidt very rightly said!
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I would: - Remove the questions that can be answered with yes/no - 'How much will you pay for X' is probably going to yield a very wide range of answers, not too useful. Instead I'd pick a price and ask for feedback on that specific price. - Question like 'What would your dream product do' are incredibly broad and if you already have a product/solution this might not be useful 'Walk me through your workflow' That is a powerful one. You don't ask for solutions, price, features etc but instead the answer will give you insight into how people actually work. Then it's your job to digest those answers into ideas for your product. 'What else have you tried; Also a very good question. Insights into alternatives show you not just what people currently do or use, but also how they got there. I have a few posts about good questions (from a survey perspective) on the blog of Freddy Feedback if you're interested.
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@joost_van_hoof Thanks for sharing this. Valuable!
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I think the recommendations from the founder of SuperHuman on Product Market Fit have the top questions to ask the customers. https://app.marblehub.co/paths/7 " How would you feel if can not use the product anymore?"
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@iuliia_shnai Agreed. " How would you feel if can not use the product anymore?" This I would say is the question to be asked if the customer is already using the product. In scenarios where you are trying to test if the product market fit is there for your product, such question may not work!
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WHY are the best questions
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@valeryfenskaya I second that.