Any suggestions for good morning routines? ☕️

Amy Frame
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Struggling to find a new morning routine after fasting in the morning 😔 Do people have suggestions on fun and focusing activities?


Kai Oelfke
For morning (or evening) routines I like: - meditation - sports or just a tiny bit of exercise - duolingo as mind exercise - drinking a glass of water - define three most important tasks - use my stoic app to add a journal entry - read a mantra / mission statement
Kai Oelfke
@amy_frame Yeah! It's also a good sleep benchmark. I don't do mistakes if I slept well. But if I didn't I do a lot of mistakes! And then I take a 15 min nap right after my morning routine. Sounds strange but works for me.
Amy Frame
@kaioelfke A nap after waking up - that's real living! I think it'd be a very great way to activate the brain as well - instead of thinking of work straight away 😴
Pete Walton
I think whatever it is you do, making it a routine is important. It cuts down on non-important decision making and you'll see progress in the activity over a short period. Personally, I do yoga, then zen mediation every morning (though I'll fall asleep if I switch it!) then a walk in the park, sometimes listening to a short daily podcast. And if that's not enough, nothing like a good morning run to jumpstart your day :D
Amy Frame
@petewalton Love the yoga in the morning, but I always seem to stop doing that when I get stressed (which is the OPPOSITE of what I should do)! Taking a walk sounds lovely.
Lizzy Bobrova
coffee and new music?:)
Amy Frame
@lizzy_bobrova Yes! Any music suggestions?
Valerie Fenske
my day always starts with a glass of water with lemon then I do planning morning affirmations after that - walking my dog later - a nourishing breakfast and that's how I'm ready to start the day :)
Amy Frame
@valeryfenskaya Sounds lovely, especially walking the dog! How do you balance planning in the morning and not thinking about work/tasks too early in the day?
Valerie Fenske
@amy_frame that actually gives me the feeling of control. Like, I know what is waiting for me, and I am confident about the day.
Andrea Paci
Nice question, if can helps you here is my morning routine - few minutes of meditation - coffee - define three important tasks of the day
I measure & record my body weight after waking up. It is quick, easy and reminds me to watch my health and diet. I also make my bed every morning. It makes your bedroom look and feel better and starts your day by completing a task (albeit a small one)
Lars Karbo
I usually set off 1 hour slot in the early morning to use for a personal side pursuit. For example learn french for 1 hour or work on music for 1 hour.