Which verticals should startups focus on building new digital products in?

Samar Mustafa
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Hey Makers, I am Samar, founder of Teamstack. I am seeing a lot of startups focusing on AI and Blockchain technology and applying them into various verticals. I am wondering, what verticals we as a innovators/disruptors should be focusing on that could change human lives instead of building millions of AI-powered chat bots :). Thoughts?


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@siddharth_kaushik Thanks. Indeed, Email has such a huge impact when it comes to marketing campaign. I will try mailupnext.
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There's no "right" way to start a startup, but I have a bias toward recommending makers/founders focus on things they're personally very passionate to solve. I know it's cliche but there are good reasons for doing so: building something good takes a long time and if you're not passionate about it in the beginning, you'll likely churn. That said, it's worth exploring how a particular problem could be solved with emerging technologies. For example, ~25% of U.S. homes have a smart speaker (e.g. Google Home, Amazon Echo) already. I wouldn't doubt if that hits 50% by the end of the year. As more consumers adopt this hardware and voice-driven behavior, it'll open new opportunities for startups and creative makers. This is why I invested in Voiceflow.