How do you convince bloggers to add your product to their list of "N best apps for X"?

Dmitry Borody
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Hello fellow makers, I have a newbie question. 🙌 There's a lot of product bloggers writing posts like "5 best apps for SOLVING_YOUR_PROBLEM in 2020". Wouldn't it be nice to have your app featured there? That seems to be a good way to generate organic traffic. Now the question is – what can we do as makers to convince these bloggers to add our new products to their review lists? Affiliate programmes or one-time offers could work in theory, but I'd love to hear from you about your own real-life experience. Has just asking nicely worked for anyone? 😃 Please share what worked for you and what didn't. Thank you! ❤️


Sreekanth PM
majority out there are affiliates, you pay them for the impression and traffic. This is what my understanding.
Olga Lapshinova
You can always create your own Top Ten List. Bloggers don't normally do deep research. They google for similar apps and often rewrite existing lists. Chances are high that they encounter your list and copy your app from it.
Dmitry Borody
@olga_lapshinova I think I'll go with that. Basically, it follows the earlier to do your own Top Ten the better - the more bloggers will come after me to copycat that list. Makes sense. Still, I'd LOVE to learn a way to convince existing top-ranking blogs with good SEO to include my app in their lists 😃 Even if they don't do deep research, their combined reach is huge.
Valerie Fenske
Our team has tried adding Dashly to the blog posts. but the authors are always reluctant to change the articles So probably the best way is to offer products on the content planning stage
Dmitry Borody
@valeryfenskaya not wanting to change their articles - that makes sense, they don't have much motivation unless your product is already well-known! The question then is how to catch a blogger when she starts planning her content, assuming one doesn't know any product bloggers. 😃 Here's an idea: write to product bloggers who you think may benefit (as bloggers) to write about your product and competitors. Suggest an idea of such a post to them. Provide materials and example articles from other bloggers. Make it really easy for them to write that post and include you. Sounds like it may work.