Recommendations for an app to create public roadmaps

Harminder Virk
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Hello makers πŸ‘‹ I am looking for an app that can help me create roadmap for my projects and then share them in public. I know of many apps like Trello, Aha and similar one's. But they put a lot of emphasis on project management. What I need is a very simple tool that allows me to - Thoroughly describe my ideas (focus on the writing experience). - Share them publicly with my audience - Collect their interest and feedback to ensure that I am priortizing the right work. What I don't want is - Some kind of task automation tool - Tracking projects/tasks timeline Any help will be appreciated :) Thanks Virk!


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I think you want a roadmap or milestone with comments ? Is that
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I wish I could afford it, I used their free trial, but aha is pretty good:
Hey! I'm currently working on an idea like this. Basically making goal setting social. Feel free to Email me if you want to connect!
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notion? they have canban option
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Have you considered using Notion? We personally use Notion for something similar internally, and it's a lot easier considering that we can write extensively on a particular idea and thought, and alongside tailor it to our needs without the added complexity of project management. Also, you can share then pages publicly.
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@tnkemdilim Exactly, I want a place to explain my ideas in depth and collect feedback on it. Notion is surely a way to go.