Recommendations for file uploading service

Harminder Virk
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- Let's say you are a SaaS app. - You want the users of your app to upload images & documents. - Uploaded files must be kept private (access after login). - But, you also want to use a CDN to deliver the files. - As a bonus, you should be able to generate previews of uploaded files. What are your options? I explored Cloudinary, but the authenticated images are available only for Enterprise customers. The setups like Cloudfront and Fastly are mainly selling infra and not the service. So it requires manual engineering efforts to achieve the desired output, and I am mainly looking for tailored service and don't spend time myself writing the code. Thanks Virk!


Jacer OMRI
I personally always use a combination of AWS S3 and and AWS Cloudfront. S3 can generate signed urls to restrict access. Cloudfront can be se to automatically mirror an s3 bucket. For resizing and generating previews, i use a lambda function. Plus, I came across Serverless Image Handler recently, definitely interesting (