How do you spend your vacation time during COVID?

Aaron O'Leary
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I'm just back from a weeks vacation which I used to relax in my own home and shut off for a while. Normally I reserve vacation solely for when travelling but that's not possible right now. How are you spending your vacation time?


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We were supposed to go on a family trip to South Africa but, unfortunately, had to cancel :( So we will just go camping on the beach not far from home with no phones and no laptops for 48 hours.
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I did something similar a couple weeks ago. My goal was to not work and not spend much time online. Ended up doing a lot of "picnics" in the backyard with the kids and just tried to spend time with them relaxing.
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Well, I have a full-time job, so vacation time = working even harder on my company, especially since there is nothing more to do during those times. One day I will see this mystical vacation beast so many speak of :)
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Sleep! And it felt wonderful lol.
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exploring the region by car! that's opened so much inspiration which has been as near as 100 km, for instance :)