Do you use Zoho products/applications?

Yaali Bizappln Solutions
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I'm just analyzing how many people aware about Zoho Products.


Brandon Anzaldi
@yaali_bizappln I'm familiar with them. I currently use them as my email provider for my domains. I've also toyed with their CRM a while back.
Abayomi Ayoola, O.
@yaali_bizappln My company deploys their services for SME's. Works great
@yaali_bizappln Zoho mail for free custom domain email!
Anand Chowdhary
@yaali_bizappln We've also only ever used Zoho Mail because they have a generous free plan for custom domain mail hosting. I am personally not a fan of their UX and so don't use their web client either, but as an SMTP server.
Keenen Charles
@yaali_bizappln yep I use Zoho mail for all my side projects. Also started using their checkout and invoice services as well. They've really improved the UI of their projects in recent years (though there's still some way to go) but now I'm not just using it because of the generous free plan.
Robin Louw
@yaali_bizappln Yes. Zoho Mail and Zoho Invoice. Mostly because they start with a free tier.
Bernardo de Castro
@yaali_bizappln I do not officially use Zoho apps. But my business Bybrand is integrated with the Zoho Desk (help desk software). They have an incredible API, easy to read and with useful endpoints. I already used Zoho Mail, but I ended up going to internal corporate email service.
José Cage
@yaali_bizappln I use Zoho mail for most of my projects.
Amar Vyas
@yaali_bizappln I am a user of a few of their apps - was an email use so far, now Survey, CRM and soon subscriptions/ invoicing.
Hemanth G
@yaali_bizappln Yup, recently started using their Books & Payroll, it's a 1000x better experience moving from Quickbooks.
Andrian Valeanu
Yes, and if you're using Zoho Campaigns I recommend you this video lesson
Oliyan Sacigyan
Sorry for bumping thread. I've recently decided to integrate Zoho software into my business operations, but I'm finding it a bit overwhelming. I've heard so much about its capabilities and how it can streamline various aspects of business management. However, I'm in need of some expert guidance to ensure I make the most out of it. Are there any reputable firms or companies you'd recommend for Zoho consulting and implementation services? I'm keen to partner with a Zoho Books Developer team that can help me unlock the maximum potential of Zoho and tailor it to my specific business needs. Any suggestions or experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!