Node.js vs PHP: which one would you choose?

Let's Compare the popular platforms Node.js and PHP and Understand their similarities, differences and how they stack up against each other. Why Do Startups need to understand this technology uses?


So What's Next?
@harendrasingh The real question here is what is your next project? And only after learning that can I precisely suggest whether to choose Node.JS or PHP for your next project. I would suggest that you read this blog to get a detailed idea on the same: In the mean time, I will mention a few pointers that may clear out any doubts you have for Node.JS vs. PHP. PHP Vs. Node.JS: Who's the best? *Frameworks* PHP has many popular PHP frameworks like Codeigniter, Laravel, symphony, CakePHP, etc. Node.js too has several cool frameworks such as Express.JS, Meteor, Hapi.JS, Koa.JS, etc. *Application Area* PHP is widely used for developing CPU intensive applications and also creating CMS to build blogs, websites, and e-commerce websites. Node.JS is used for developing server-side solutions because of non-blocking I/O, and event-driven model. *Databases* PHP works with traditional databases like MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL. Node.JS works seamlessly with No SQL databases such as MongoDB, Couch DB, and graph database system like neo4j. >>>Conclusion<<< PHP is the best answer for you if you are looking for some enterprise solutions like CMS, CRM, and ERP. If you want to build real-time applications like online games, video, text chat engines, and trello then Node.js is perfect for you.
Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~
@harendrasingh I was a PHP developer for a fer years. it's my main first language and language that i used at my job. So my answer - nodejs. because PHP is a dead horse. nodejs community are more solid and active - so as i'm a lazy developer and dont want to reinvent the wheel all the time - i'm using npm instead of do it from scratch. Another point that a lot of new dev tools actually have a better support of nodejs. --- I has hope that Yii Framework will be like a fresh air for PHP community - but as main developers there has a 9-5 jobs it was slow down and ... they trying to raise it from ashes - also started an OpenCollective page but without fresh blood - Other point to think - a lot of people jump to Laravel, while Yii migrate to v2 --- Btw, check an URL for this page. 666 is definately a sign ;)
Jacob Logan
y favorite is PHP. Building a workload-capable prototype doesn't take a lot of time. The programmer forms the backbone of the future product, goes very quickly. For more datils visit my blog
Kathleen Edwards
A thorough analysis of Node.js vs PHP should be done in light of various aspects, including ecosystem support, scalability, and performance. Evaluating the particular needs of your project is crucial in order to make a decision that supports long-term goals.