How to start a startup?

Which technology is best to use when starting a startup?


Ferenc Forgacs
@harendrasingh depends on what are your short and long term goals. But I think the best option is the one that will help you to launch your product faster. If you can validate your idea without code, let's do that. If developing your own MVP is a must have to get started, use the technology you already know. Your users won't give a 💩 whether your app was built with jQuery, or React, or with just a bunch of static HTML files linked together. I think the one time the technology really matters is when you are building a product for developers or other tech-savvy people. But if your product is great and solves one of their problems, they won't care either.
Clement Ziane
@harendrasingh Technology is just a support to goal achievement when I have choose a technology I answer to these 3 questions : - Do This technology provide features fitting with my project allowing my team to develop faster ? - Is the technology enough stable to be kept on middle / long term ? - How much time it will take to peoples working on the project to be comfortable with this technology? If you find features helping to develop faster your product , if the technology make its proofs to be usable in a middle/long term (depending of your goals) and if your team is comfortable or need less time to be comfortable with the technology and develop your product rather than develop with another technology they already know so go for it ! Do not take care about technology hype of bashing. As an example If everyone say PHP is old school it's not good for new product but PHP fits your needs and your team has already learn this language so go for it !
Bogdan Glushko
@harendrasingh what are you building? What's the startup? As you give more details, it will be easier to help
Mariam  Grigoryan
@harendrasingh apply for accelerator or incubator programs of course if you have any startup idea.