Have you built any prototypes that made a profound impact?

Kunal Bhatia
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My plan is to write an article and create a repository site of prototypes for others to learn from. It would contain the stories behind the prototype and why it had such an impact (sales, vision-building, improving customer satisfaction, etc.). Sometimes it's hard to see how an idea gets translated to the first visuals and then the end product. I want to uncover that. Can you share your prototype? What's the story behind it?


Ryan Hoover
Great topic. I suppose the Product Hunt story might be the most obvious answer within this context. 😉 I wrote this guest post on Fast Company shortly after PH started in late 2013: https://www.fastcompany.com/3023...
Kunal Bhatia
@rrhoover I'm sure Weekend Fund founders also have good examples! P.S. have any screenshots of what the Quibb announcement looked like? It's not live anymore ☚ī¸
@kunalslab I've written about the Hustle Crew MVP/prototype before here: https://medium.com/@Abadesi/hust... My goal was to find out what the demand and price elasticity was for careers coaching for millennial women in tech approaching the mid-stage of their careers. I created a basic MVP to test a SAAS model with different packages and prices. It was super helpful!!
Kunal Bhatia
@abadesi amazing! Still have any of the early assets (Squarespace site at launch, etc.) that you could share with me? Would love to hear more about what you learned from the pricing experiments and switch to B2B model. Feel free to DM 🙂
Robert Lalum
@kunalslab I had a theory to create a true molecular protein to try to heal faster from injuries and help with my severe joint pain and I needed some substantiation of a part of the process I needed with the use of nanomaterials so I created the Dynamic Noise Attenuator (DNA Coil) to experiment with ambient signaling within a magnetic field. I had hoped that the nanomaterial would clean the spikes of energy which give and engines computer a false reading that it uses for data thereby cleaning that signal caused by a metal electrical system moving through the earth magnetic field and it actually worked the first time and improved the engine efficiency by 26% saving me enough to pay for my annual auto insurance. Which proved out the theory to use the nanomaterials to create the proteins which also worked but much harder to bring to market so i'm trying to figure out how to sell the DNA COIL full time and still keep money coming in to keep food on the table hoping to figure out how to sell them online but, that's a task for me I just don't get the web sales stuff.