When you start a new project, what types of domains and social handles do you reserve?

Kunal Bhatia
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I got a domain name and a Twitter handle so far. What else should I consider? This project is going to be a design and prototyping site for the community to learn from and contribute to.


Bogdan Glushko
@kunalslab if you can't do .com, then go after .app or .io Social handles twitter/fb/linkedin/insta are the most common ones
Meral Arik
@kunalslab We grabbed a domain, Twitter handle, IG handle, Snapchat account, LinkedIn company page & FB like page. Also set up Pinterest & Vimeo accounts in case (customized URL slug). Good luck!
Kunal Bhatia
@meralarik smart suggestions. I grabbed as many channels as I could and will test to see what's working!
@kunalslab I use tools like GoDaddy and NameChecker before selecting a name then get the .com or .co domain if possible, then the Instagram and Twitter
Kunal Bhatia
@abadesi I went with take1.design and @Take1Design. Maybe the owner of take1design.com will come forward :)
Becky DeForest
@kunalslab I think it matters most where you plan on communicating with your potential customers/users. And that is wherever they are. I have a website that sells coloring books and I focus mostly on FB while completely skipping Twitter since my customers are on FB more than Twitter.
Kunal Bhatia
@becky_deforest certainly a good point! I'm trying to reach the product design community. They are mainly on Twitter, but I'll test out FB, LinkedIn, and other channels just in case.
Sarah Loertscher
@kunalslab I'd check out Dribbble too, if you're into design. Not sure if it's a perfect fit or not but worth checking out
Evan J. Zimmerman
I think it really depends on what you're doing. A website is important. YourName.com is best but people are more tolerant of variation due to domain exhaustion, so YourName.co or YourNameApp.com etc are acceptable. If it's a company, Twitter and LinkedIn. If it has a big consumer component, do whatever has high penetration in your market. Could be insta, snap, tiktok, YouTube, Pinterest...up to you. You may also find certain unique distribution channels like Alibaba relevant. Point is: do a bit of research! It's a good excuse to learn more about the market anyways.