Which one is the best for digital marketing?

Gamze Güleç
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Hussein Yahfoufi
it depends on your audience, your product and where your target market is. Also don't forget about Pinterest.
Gamze Güleç
@husseinyahfoufi Yes, you are right. Thank you for your great answer. Pinterest is a new way for me. What do you suggest I do?
UI Freebies
I think facebook is a best place for digital marketing.
Dzintars Baugeris
No one is suitable for digital marketing !!!
Gamze Güleç
@dzintarsbaugeris Well, please let me know. What would you suggest?
Leeanna Pederson
I am not surprised that FB is leading this poll but for my business Instagram audience converts better.
Useful Tools
It depends on too many things... :)
Scott Chen
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