Since "quarantine", what is a new talents have you picked up?

Alex Papageorge
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I've learned how to fish 🎣... literally and simple HTML5/CSS 🀠


Not much, improved my German and did some drawing practices :)
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@judith_ackerman Well in that case... Ich hoffe du hast einen tollen Tag!
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Started doing Yoga! Been great for my back, neck, shoulder issues.
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@husseinyahfoufi Good to hear! I need to get back into yoga! Namaste πŸ™
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I started learning marketing (specifically content marketing). Its hard! :(
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@caroline_chiari It is! Best of luck though... There's a reason they say content is King/Queen :)
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Trying to work on my music playing skills-guitar and keyboard. Thinking to buy a new midi keyboard next month.
I've learned about Kubernetes, celery and how to deploy a stack consisting of ReactJS, Django, Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis and Postgres on Kubernetes with continous integration and deployment in place. Before the lockdown, I knew all of these technologies, but had never used them together. It has taken me quite a long time to work out how all the moving pieces are fitting together, so I've decided to make a video tutorial explaining it all. If anybody is interested you sign up for the beta at
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@troelsfr That's awesome, great progress. I'll be sure to check it out.
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Have picked on Docker, Kubernetes, Redis sentinel, Kibana, Grafana, Python Some Guitar as well ;)
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Jezz... Pick up the pace... @rahul__arora lol! JK 🀣 That's awesome
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I became a co-founder of music mobile app with gesture recognition :DDDD surprise for me
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@armaapp That's awesome! Congrats. How is the progress?
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French, yoga
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@sameer_s1 Well then... Namaste! πŸ™