Since "quarantine", what is a new talents have you picked up?

Alex Papageorge
15 replies
I've learned how to fish ๐ŸŽฃ... literally and simple HTML5/CSS ๐Ÿค 


Judith Ackerman
Not much, improved my German and did some drawing practices :)
Hussein Yahfoufi
Started doing Yoga! Been great for my back, neck, shoulder issues.
Caroline Chiari
I started learning marketing (specifically content marketing). Its hard! :(
Alex Papageorge
@caroline_chiari It is! Best of luck though... There's a reason they say content is King/Queen :)
Vasu Arora
Trying to work on my music playing skills-guitar and keyboard. Thinking to buy a new midi keyboard next month.
Troels Roennow
I've learned about Kubernetes, celery and how to deploy a stack consisting of ReactJS, Django, Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis and Postgres on Kubernetes with continous integration and deployment in place. Before the lockdown, I knew all of these technologies, but had never used them together. It has taken me quite a long time to work out how all the moving pieces are fitting together, so I've decided to make a video tutorial explaining it all. If anybody is interested you sign up for the beta at
Rahul Arora
Have picked on Docker, Kubernetes, Redis sentinel, Kibana, Grafana, Python Some Guitar as well ;)
Barbara Shilรณva
I became a co-founder of music mobile app with gesture recognition :DDDD surprise for me
Alex Papageorge
@armaapp That's awesome! Congrats. How is the progress?