Please, help us to find the best colors for our MVP!

Mariam Rustamyan
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Hey folk! After long weeks full of doubts about MVP's design, finally, we have something that we love. Now, we need you to help us! Please vote which color schema you love more? Thanks in advance! p.s. Our project is called Navitapp. We try to create a smart itinerary planner, that will allow you to get a full, personalized travel route in very few steps. (Global plan is to generate it one step). Know more here:


Chris Knightsbridge
There is actually a jizz load of psychology that goes into which colors increase the chances of human behavior. I would recommend taking a couple days and reading up a bit on the research of it. For instance United Nations chose that specific shade of blue as it is apparently the color that elicits calm and passiveness/no aggression. I've only read about color and behavior a political and international relations sort of lense in school, where those bastards forced me to read!, So off top of my head id recommend 1. Who is target demographic, like culture and all that stuff that I used to think was just crap turns out is very important to understand. 2 What outcome or behavior do you want to elicit in them, maybe red- which is supposed to elicit aggression or action, probably why Romans chose Mars as their god of war. 3. Then read a book by someone that actually knows what they are H they are talking about, AKA not me, and make sure its through a business lens. *sidenote, there are plugins that customize the page based for each user based on those cultural factors and stuff with all that data google gathers. Andrew Yang is right, data is the new oil. https://unless . com might be one.
Mariam Rustamyan
@chris_knightsbridge out default color was selected blue (as it calm, relax etc), but then designer jump in said "Hey guys, purple is much more fun color".
Chris Knightsbridge
@mariam_rustamyan Purple is too strong, it can turn someone instantly off or, it could possibly make people that like purple intersted, but its one of those colors people just love or hate and why risk it. so without looking into any research im thinking something more on the calming side like light blue or if you want to market sunshine and adventure then maybe a more active color like yellow or something. Purple makes no sense to me as far as eliciting an emotion from someone landing on your page.
Ron Cardillo
I'm kinda torn, they are both really nice looking.
Amir Kerawala
Great idea!! I can see people using it to help decide the travel plans.
Laura Vasquez
What about a lighter shade of the purple or blue? I feel both colors are a little too strong, it distracts from the background picture and the fields