Your view on pitch decks and formality

Mariam Rustamyan
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Hi makers, I am sure, that during your entrepreneurial life many times you have applied to the different startup programs (Like Y-combinator school or any other). Usually, such programs besides pitch deck require to fill in the special form. You know, the thing where they asking to give information about the product, budget, team and other and other. Thus, my question is - what do you think such form should be filled in very academical, business language excluding usage of I, we, and other similar words, or non-formal, the friendly ton is acceptable?
Should be very formal
Can be non-formal


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That's a good question! I've been wondering the same thing and googled Y Combinator pitch decks. Some really good examples came up. I've decided to study those from companies that have been accepted into a cohort/session.
@tl__robinson Mmm,.... greate news, so it is possible to find some examples. Can you share some links?
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@mariam_rustamyan Sure! I typed "Y Combinator pitch decks" into my search engine and got a lot of great information and examples of pitch decks from many stages, from initial pitch all the way to demo day. I don't want to give you specific links because I don't want you to miss out on the ton of information that is available. Like you, I wanted examples of pitch decks but saw articles and white pages about pitches and accelerators (as they relate to decks) that I also found to be helpful. I hope this info helps.
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Personally, I do not think it matters. As long as it contains what they are looking for, you can pretty much fill it in anyway you want as long it is conveys that information clearly and concisely and within social norms. These institutions look at your business from a venture perspective: a big return on the investment and they take substantial risk - which they want to minimize. Market fit, traction, size of the market, competition, team track-record, and many more metrics score a lot higher on this scale than the tone of your voice. Good Luck!
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