Looking for people to try my new App (weight loss competition with your friends)

Ran Goldberg
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Dear Friends My name is Ran and in 2019 I did a challenge with my childhood friends to lose weight. We were looking for an app which will help us in our challenge, something like « The Biggest Loser » without any success, therefore I decided to follow my dream and develop such an app (BetterTogether). The app is now ready and includes a lot of features which will help you and your friends in your weight-loss journey such as : - Weekly weight target for each team member - Leaderboard - Daily tip - Steps/Floors/Water counters - Chat - Progress chart - Sync with FitBit /health/ Google fit - Each time you achieve your target you will get a medal 😊 - and many others..... In our challenge we lost between 20-50 pound I invite you and your friends to try my app. I will be happy to get your feedback and let me know what can be improved. And of course the app is Free (no catch). https://www.bettertogether-app.com/ Many Many Thanks Ran Goldberg
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