Does the use of ship in product hunt have an impact on customer product growth?

Mahdi Rahmani
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Hello friends We're going to launch our product next week. And I don't know if using the ship can be right.


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We are pre-launch but Ship has helped us access about 125 subscribers so far, most of whom are pretty engaged, and answering our surveys, or participating in user interviews etc.
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@mattcrail Will it be promoted my upcoming page by ship?
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@mahdirahmani Yeah on the paid plan
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@mattcrail How long did it take to get all these subscribers?
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@alisa_smelkova think it was about a month or so
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Ship was originally designed to build your product in public, with the ability to get public support and feedback. I think if your main goal is using it for Customer Growth you might not get the full impact that it can have. Yes, it's good tool to reach early customers, if your potential customers are on ProductHunt, but it's also really cool to use it to build in public, get feedback, send out surveys, and more.