By 2030, which technological advancement excites you most?

Alex Papageorge
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Artificial Intelligence
Autonomous Vehicles
3D Printing


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autonomous cars all the way, how many lives will be saved from drunk drivers and distracted drivers?
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@husseinyahfoufi Sooo many. I understand the ethical part of it being a computer and making an "unpopular" choice but to your point... How many less drunk drivers? How many less red-light runnings? How many less falling asleep at the wheel? It's change. And change is scary to most but as we know in life, the only certainty is... change :)
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The intersection of ML/AI and Life sciences.
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@jaironpz Agreed. Going to be an area that is going to increase greatly this decade.
I am really curious about Blockchain!
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@rahul_bareja Ohh that's another good one!