The support on PH is refreshing.

Alex Papageorge
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What I learned from launching on Product Hunt this week (as far as I can understand, today): - If you're in the US, set your product launch EARLY in the morning. It's tough to climb the charts that day if you're going against a product with 188 upvotes already, while you're still at 1. - Simple communication. I still think I got a little lost in the sauce trying to describe the CEO ShortList as a narrative, vs focusing on the core product (at the stage it's in today). Quick, easy communication is still πŸ‘‘ - Don't oversell the amount of topics your product is associated with. Again, I know it's hard but just the top 2-3 is good. Same idea as above, focus on your products core, be honest with yourself and don't overthink it πŸ’­ Great start and hopefully the start of something cool... I've been in the startup space for a decade or so now but only recently became a PH member. Well, since quarantine actually. It's been great to meet/interact/network and ohh yeah, release ideas to early adapters who get the growth process of a startup. It's been a great experience PH community. ...And I almost forgot, check us out πŸ‘‰ 😁


Valerie Fenske
PH is an exciting platform. find, learn, share, exchange. a perfect community to get a competent feedback - and tough questions :) are you planning to release anything else?
Glad you had a positive experience!
Mayur Morè
Indeed it is! I listed on PH after 5 years and it was amazing to see the feedback and was overwhelmed by the response for Stories for Shopify
Daniela Passos
Good tips! I also got great feedbacks and partners from PH, this is an amazing community.
Vaibhav is
Great and easy tips. Thank you for sharing!