Evaluate your Marketing campaign with this list of Ads and their stats

Jeffrey M. Mvutu
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Hi Makers! Today I share with you a playlist of Youtube Ads (and *their stats*) that I saved to serve as reference for when I'll be making my own ad campaign. The way I initially planned to use it was to compare several ad videos, how they were made (5-15 seconds intro, the use of a sense emergency, charisma of the MC, voice intonation, use of humour, and so on...) and have a look at their stats (# of views, reactions, # of subscribers of the channel, # of views of other videos on the channel, ...). Hopefully, the stats of an ad video and the corresponding channel would give me an idea of how successful that business / economical agent is. This in turn giving me the hunch to trust or not their approach, or just reflect on my own approach in the light of what they did. All this combined, and that would become some learning material towards growing in the art of marketing campaigns... well, that's what I hope 😄 What do you guys think ? Share this post as you please. I'm sure it can be of great help, and moreover prove invaluable to someone working in a marketing agency or such. Feedbacks are welcome! The playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist... Cheers, and good luck for your own campaigns! Jeffrey Mvutu Mabilama
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